16 Turmanova kmetija



Turman farm is located next to
the church of St. Helen on Pertoča.
A growing number of visitors of the
church gave birth to the idea of
own point of sale of products from
the farm located near the church.
Farm owner Marijan Ficko also sells
his produce at the farm as well as
the Murska Sobota food market. In
addition to products made at the Turman
farm, the shop also sells products
from nearby farms from Goričko
regional park.


















Večeslavci 44,
SI - 9262 Rogašovci



Marijan Ficko
+ 386 40 486 302


Opening hour:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays
Fridays and Sundays 8.00–18.00
Wednesdays and Saturdays 12.00–19.00
Group visits must be booked in advance.



• Turman home pickled sauerkraut,
sour turnip, mixed pickled vegetables
salad, sarma (minced meat wrapped
in sauerkraut leaves),
• honey, jams, liqueurs, pumpkin seeds,
flours, dried fruits


Prior notice:

Tastings for organised groups
must be booked at least two
days in advance.