04 Društvo Mura Rafting Grlava



The Mura Rafting Association
has been active since 2006.
A voluntary, non-profit and
impartial association of
natural persons, who have
connected in order to promote
tourism on the Mura river,
protect the river and its
affluents, and provide sport
and leisure activities.
Associations logo is the
depiction of the Mura river
basin. When you experience
one of the Associations
unforgettable adventures,
you will learn, experience
and understand why river Mura
is the soul and symbol of Prekmurje.










Grlava 18a,
SI - 9242 Križevci pri Ljutomeru



Simon Balažic
+ 386 31 606 376


Opening hour:

Prior bookings only.



• raft trips for tourists
• organising a variety of
sport-leisure events on the
Mura river
• promotion and protection
of the Mura river


Prior notice:

Bookings at least 5 days
in advance.