17 Sadjarstvo Ficko, Martin Ficko s. p.



Fruit farm grows and processes different
types of fruit, which gets entirely
processed into final products. Their
fruit is grown in the unspoilt natural
environment of regional park Goričko by
using the controlled integrated production
method. Main types of fruit include quince,
medlar, walnuts, jurka grapes, ancient
sorts of pears, apples and prunes, etc.
















Rogašovci 78,
SI - 9262 Rogašovci



Martin Ficko
+ 386 41 792 328


Opening hour:

Non-stop for visit and purchase
at the home shop. Tastings and tours
for groups must be booked in advance.



• home-made jams and juices
• spirits and liqueurs
• herbal and natural vinegars,
pumpkin seed oil
• breakfast and snacks for visitors


Prior notice:

Bookings at least three
days in advance for tasting
and tour, breakfast or snack.