18 Doživljajski park Vulkanija


Visitors of Vulkanija adventure
park can learn about volcanoes,
play volcanic games and walk on
lava tube with Oli, learn about
origins of the universe and life
on Earth by watching a 4D film,
touching real geodes, descending
into the depths of a volcano with
a lift and returning back on surface
with a 3D underground train. You
can also visit the museum of geology
and take a train ride of volcanic
landscape. True adventure for
all generations!   


















Grad 174,
SI - 9264 Grad



Doživljajski park Vulkanija
+ 386 2 553 10 00


Opening hour:

Nov–Mar: Tue–Sun: 10.00–16.00
Apr–Oct: Tue–Sun: 10.00–18.00
Also open on certain holidays.



• volcano underground adventure
• 4D-films, lift and underground train
• Museum of geology, games and workshops
• Tourist train to the quarry


Prior notice:

Groups must book their arrival
advance, prior booking is also
recommended for families and
individual visits. Visitors
can find availability
calendar on our website.